By downloading and using a free software package, you can see and record the WCCRO signal strength channel on your PC in real-time.  Radio-SkyPipe software gives you the ability to monitor us through your low speed internet connection. You can even chat with others who are also monitoring the WCCRO signal. 

Stripchart Example Image

The picture above is an actual screen from an observing session using Radio-SkyPipe. 

Download Radio-SkyPipe!

You may also view the Radio-SkyPipe Help Files by clicking here.

Stripcharting the WCCRO Signal Strength Channel

Once you have downloaded and configured Radio-SkyPipe, follow this procedure to connect to the WCC Radio Observatory signal strength channel:

  1. Establish your internet connection.

  2. Bring up the Radio-SkyPipe program.

  3. Click  Mode / Client on the menu at the top.

  4. Select WCCRO in the Available Servers List.

  5. Click the Connect button.

  6. To chat select View / Chat Window. (optional)


Stripcharting the WCCRO Streaming Audio Channel

You may also use Radio-SkyPipe stripchart the sound as it is being received from the observatory over our streaming audio channel. This differs from the method explained above, in that no direct connection is being made to our signal strength channel.  Instead, you will be using your sound card to measure the audio signal being received through Media Player. In this way, you can hear and see our signal simultaneously, however, to do so requires a good fast internet connection for reliable operation.

  1. Download, install, and setup Media Player to receive the WCC signal. (Click here for Instructions)

  2. Bring up Radio-SkyPipe.

  3. Temporarily stop the Media Play audio with the stop button on the Media Player console.

  4. Make sure Radio-SkyPipe is optioned for sound card as the data source.

  5. Make sure Radio-SkyPipe is in Stand Alone Mode.

  6. Click the Radio-SkyPipe Start Chart button.

  7. Click the play button on the Media Player console.

You cannot chat when using indirect stripcharting.

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