WCCRO Spectrograph Viewer

The WCCRO Spectrograph Viewer allows you to view real-time, high resolution spectrographic data from the Windward Community College Radio Observatory. The FS200 Spectrograph scans 200 frequencies within the range of 17 to 30 Mhz. The scan rate is approximately 9.9 scans per second.  The prime targets of the spectrograph are the radio emissions of Jupiter and the Sun that fall within this frequency range.  The associated software allows you to view the spectrograph output, save the raw data, and review the data at a later time.  

The main window of the program shown above, has two charts, referred to here as Chart #1 and Chart #2. The vertical axis of the charts are identical and refer to the frequency of the signal.  A legend at the right side of the chart displays the frequency in MHz. During an observation, these two charts display the data at different rates.  Chart #1 shows each and every scan from the spectrograph. Chart #2 shows an average of ten scans of the incoming data.  Chart #2 thus develops at 1/10th the rate of Chart one and displays a period of time that is ten times longer than period of time covered by Chart #1.


You must configure your Observer Name and Time Zone under Options/Identity before using the program.  The time zone is the offset of your computer's clock to Universal Time.  It is standard scientific practice to keep data in UT and so it is important that you enter the correct time zone. Note this value will change if your local time switches to Daylight Savings Time.

You may also need to configure your Local IP Address and Port, especially if you are located on a network behind a firewall. These settings may be found under Options/Network/Local Connection.  You should not have to re-configure the Remote Connection. 

File Saving Accessible via Option on the main  window.

File Review Accessible via Options on the main  window.


Press the Connect button to Connect to the WCCRO Spectrograph data stream.  If you find that the program has connected, but you receive a message that the "Remote is not Scanning" in the status bar, the FS200 Spectrograph is being maintenanced.  Just try again later. If you receive a "can't connect" message then suspect a network configuration problem or that the FS200 is not operating at the moment.

Press the Disconnect button to quit receiving the data stream.

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