WCC Observatory Streaming Audio Instructions

The streaming audio channel will allow you to hear the sounds of Jupiter and the Sun.

Hardware requirements:

  1. IBM flavor PC with sound card and speakers
  2. High speed internet connection (56K modem, preferably faster)

Software requirements:

  1. Win95 or 98
  2. Microsoft DirectX version 6 (donít use version 7 beta!!)
  3. Microsoft Windows Media Player version 6.4 or 7
  4. Radio-SkyPipe if you want to chart what you hear.

You can download DirectX and Media Player from http://www.microsoft.com

Getting connected (its as simple as 1,2,3):

  1. Run Media Player
  2. Go to FILE, select Open URL and type
  3. Or Click Here .

Sit back and listen to that beautiful Hawaiian static.

You can also graph the strength of the bursts you are receiving. Graphs of this type are called stripcharts and will allow you see as well as hear the radio noise bursts. Click here for information on making stripcharts using free Radio-SkyPipe software.

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